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Organic Food: Trends & Developments

The development of organic food & beverages has been one of the most noticeable trends in the Food industry. Rapid growth figures fueled by increased demand and the introduction of new innovative products and services have created new challenges for companies across the entire supply chain. Transformation to an organic product portfolio has proven to be difficult for the incumbent producers whereas M&A could be a valuable strategy to achieve the latter.

The Agri-Food Industry in The Netherlands accounts for approximately 7.5% of the global Industry. With more than €48 billion of value added and 10% of employment, the Netherlands is the second largest country based on total export value of Agri-Food products.

Aeternus is well experienced in the market and believes that in the near future, the market for Organic Food in particular will experience more M&A activity. This Industry report not only highlights the latest trends in the market, but also developments and key issues from an M&A perspective.

Curious about our vision on the sector? Download here the Organic Food Industry Report: M&A activity and sector trends.

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