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We realize acquisitions in the Netherlands and abroad. We do this for companies in the top SME and mid-corporate segment. On the way to a sale we systematically work towards a higher sales price. We are also specialised in business valuations and advise companies on how to optimise their financing structure and attract growth capital.

We are convinced that our industry expertise, knowledge of business models and business valuation in addition to our strong (inter)national network are important for an optimal result in every M&A transaction. That is why we invest in this by means of our own research, by hiring industry experts from the Netherlands and abroad and by continuously educating our in-house professionals. This means we are the right partner for you and have the optimal strategy ready in every phase of a purchase or sales process.

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Zicht op een hogere verkoopprijs + strategie

The strategic choice: overseeing the issues involved

Sell your company now or invest for a few more years? Starting your own business abroad or buying a company abroad? Perhaps you sometimes doubt whether you are still the right person to lead the next growth phase as CEO.

Aeternus is your partner when you are considering the next step. We do this by determining the right moment and the way you work towards that momentum. We also look at the developments in the industry of the company, in which way your company can develop towards a higher value. We determine the most effective strategy to achieve the highest selling price.

Tactische keuzes voordat ik mijn bedrijf ga verkopen

Before we begin: making things clear

Accept an initially high bid or approach several potential buyers? Find a buyer in the Netherlands or go for an international sales process? How to organize the purchase of a company in Germany or the USA?
For every business acquisition preparation is essential. As an entrepreneur you want to know exactly where you stand and leave nothing to chance. We zoom in on the buying and selling process and determine the strategy for carrying out the process in the best way, or working towards it.

With our specialist knowledge, systematic approach, extensive experience and strong international network, we map out all the opportunities and risks. With the right tactics we go for the best result. For the entrepreneur and the company.

In execution: striking at the right time

Realizing successful deals. That is our motivation. We ensure an optimal process. We also distinguish ourselves in the execution by always thinking strategically about the execution of the M&A process. Doing the right things at the right time. Always being one step ahead by preparing for the next steps.
Our experienced specialists are on equal footing with entrepreneurs and know your market like no other. They have already closed over 800 successful deals.

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2006 Aeternus founded by Jacques Jetten
2011 Bas van Soest joined as partner
2011 Peter Joosten joined as director and partner
2011 Team Aeternus consists of 10 employees
2015 Aeternus office opened in Eindhoven
2015 Team Aeternus consists of 20 employees
2016 10 Year Anniversary of Aeternus
2016 Aeternus joined international network M&A Worldwide
2018 Aeternus located in Amsterdam
2019 Aeternus joined international network IPG
2020 Aeternus belongs to the FD Gazelle for 8 years in a row
2020 Aeternus wint de Deal of the year award
2020 Team Aeternus consists of 30 employees
2021 15 Year Anniversary Aeternus
2022 Maurice Koopmans joined as partner
2023 Carlo Caria joined as partner
2024 Team Aeternus consists of 45 employees

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