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Aeternus has extensive experience in supporting processes where economic value is at stake. For example, in the event of a disagreement about the value of shares between shareholders, or in the determination of damages as a result of an interim termination of a cooperation agreement.

Answers to your questions

What is the value of my shares?

How much are my shares worth? This is obviously a relevant question when there are several shareholders within a company.

How is the suffered damage calculated?

If in a legal procdure it has to be proved what the damage suffered is it should be calculated as accurately as possible.

Entrepreneurs we have recently assisted with damage and conflict valuations

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Valuation of shares

Most common assignments in this area is the valuation of equity interests. Aeternus is a specialist in this field. In the Netherlands Aeternus has the largest team of Register Valuators. Because of this, Aeternus has in the past regularly acted as an expert in a court case, as a biased or impartial expert or as a binding advisor.

Second opinion

In certain situations, there is a need for an additional opinion from an independent expert on the value of a company or the assumptions on which the value is based. Aeternus' advisors are experienced in performing a second opinion in a variety of situations, such as:
- Difference of opinion about the value in the purchase/sale of a company
- Difference of opinion between shareholders in the context of buy-out, dispute and blocking arrangements
- Discussion with the tax authorities about the economic value of a company

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Valuation Specialists

With the most Register Valuators in house of any corporate finance firm in the Netherlands, we are able to calculate the right value for your company.

Proven track record

With a team of 45 specialists, Aeternus has completed more than 800 acquisition deals in the past 18 years, both nationally and internationally.

Industry knowledge

At Aeternus, we work with specialized industry teams who are aware of key developments, multiples, recent deals and active buyers and sellers within your industry.

Case Studies

Acquisition by Stantec gives AGEL Advisors wings

With the takeover by Stantec, AGEL can take the next step in the development of the company. Want to know how Aeternus found the right buyer for AGEL Advisors?

Higher sales price for software company realised

Are we going to sell or not? What if we say no? And how much is the company actually worth? In the end, Aeternus raised the selling price of the software company substantially.

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