Industry Expertise

In addition to our corporate finance knowledge, expertise in specific industries is important to create added value. Every industry has its own developments, legislature and specific characteristics.

Industry teams

Aeternus has specialized industry teams that focus on their own area of expertise. These teams are well informed of all developments within your sector or industry and are familiar with the most important players on the market. Not only do they perform a lot of desk research to stay aware of recent developments, they also maintain contact with their colleagues in international networks and a variety of other consultants, advisors and professional associations. Our industry knowledge is divided as in the following way:

  • Automotive
  • Business Services
  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Agribusiness & Food
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • IST (IT, Software & Technology)
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Chemicals & Energy
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Packaging
  • Recycling

Industry groups international network

In our international network M&A Worldwide we also work with industry groups. Industry reports compiled in cooperation with our partner offices worldwide can be found in our knowledge library.

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