Selling a company

Selling your company

A successful business. As an entrepreneur, it forces you to constantly make the right choices. There is a lot at stake. Selling your company is such an important choice. As an entrepreneur, you want to make the right decision.

Selling a business is a complex process. The price and conditions are not determined by numbers alone. Company size, market position and market developments also play a role, as do the number of potential buyers, the timing of the sale and the approach to negotiations.

Answers to your questions

What is the value of my business when I sell it?

How much is my company worth? You will have asked yourself this question at some point. Profitability is certainly not the only factor. And value does not equal price.

Is my business ready to sell?

It is important that both you and your company are ready for the next phase. Personal considerations play a role alongside business considerations, such as continuing to grow first and selling in a few years' time.

What potential buyers are there for my business?

Each type of buyer has its specific advantages and disadvantages. In a sales process we identify seven distinct buyer profiles.

Recent done deals

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Thorough preparation when selling a business

When it comes to selling your business, preparation is key. As an entrepreneur you want to know exactly where you stand and leave nothing to chance. We zoom in on the buying and selling process and determine the best strategy in perparing for the acquisition and sales process. With our specialist knowledge, systems, extensive experience and large, international network, we map out all the opportunities and risks. With the right tactics we go for the best result. For you as an entrepreneur and for the company.

The right steps in the sales process

Realizing successful deals. That's what drives us. We ensure an optimal sales process. We also distinguish ourselves in the execution by thinking strategically about the sales process and doing the right things at the right time, planning in the right way and making the right choices. Our experienced advisors are on equal footing with entrepreneurs and know your market like no other. We take you through what steps need to be taken in a sales process in advance.

Aeternus. Your M&A strategist.

Proven track record

With a team of 45 specialists, Aeternus has completed more than 800 acquisition deals in the past 18 years, both nationally and internationally.

Industry knowledge

At Aeternus, we work with specialized industry teams who are aware of key developments, multiples, recent deals and active buyers and sellers within your industry.

Strong international network

To guide transactions internationally, Aeternus has access to +400 M&A professionals in +35 countries through its 35 partners in M&A Worldwide.

Case Studies

Acquisition by Stantec gives AGEL Advisors wings

With the takeover by Stantec, AGEL can take the next step in the development of the company. Want to know how Aeternus found the right buyer for AGEL Advisors?

Higher sales price for software company realised

Are we going to sell or not? What if we say no? And how much is the company actually worth? In the end, Aeternus raised the selling price of the software company substantially.


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