Understanding the value of your business?

Valuation of your business

In every project at Aeternus, business value plays an important role. It is not for nothing that we are the corporate finance company with the most Register Valuators of all corporate finance companies in the Netherlands and that we have more than 20 years of experience in business valuation.

We carry out valuations in all sorts of situations: prior to the sale of a company, but also in the event of shareholder disputes, to determine the value of Intellectual Property (IP) or a brand, for the determination of inheritance tax, in the event of a gift of shares and for the determination of business damage.

As one of the few firms in the Netherlands, Aeternus has, in addition to extensive experience in valuations, a leading M&A practice. As a result, our valuations are tested daily against the outcomes in the transaction practice.

Answers to your questions

What is the value of my business?

How much is my business worth? This is a question every entrepreneur asks himself on a regular basis. Profitability is certainly not the only factor. And value does not equal price.

What is the difference between value and price?

As a first step in the sale of a company, we determine the value of the shares. However, this is not a price. The number of buyers, market conditions, financing possibilities and dealmaking, among other things, influence the price.

How is the value of a brand determined?

A brand is not tangible, so how can you express it financially? A question many entrepreneurs ask themselves. There is a wide variety of valuation methods for brands. As experts in the field, we know which method is applicable.

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Determining business value

The business value is determined by the future financial results and the associated risk. This requires a sharp business analysis and a thorough assessment of the risk profile of a company.
In doing so, we make use of the most advanced techniques and sources of knowledge. Supplemented with years of experience and expertise and the knowledge from transaction practice, we are able to successfully complete any valuation. We have already finalized over 1000 business valuations.

Aeternus. Your M&A strategist.

Valuation specialists

With the most Register Valuators in house of all corporate finance offices in the Netherlands, we are able to determine the correct value of your company.

Proven track record

With a team of 45 specialists, Aeternus has realised more than 800 acquisition deals in the past 18 years, both nationally and internationally.

Industry knowledge

At Aeternus, we work with specialised industry teams who are aware of important developments, multiples, recent deals and active buyers and sellers within your industry.

Case Studies

Acquisition by Stantec gives AGEL Advisors wings

With the takeover by Stantec, AGEL can take the next step in the development of the company. Want to know how Aeternus found the right buyer for AGEL Advisors?

Higher sales price for software company realised

Are we going to sell or not? What if we say no? And how much is the company actually worth? In the end, Aeternus raised the selling price of the software company substantially.

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