Private Equity & Venture Capital

Within Aeternus there is extensive experience in selecting and approaching providers of venture capital: Private Equity and Venture Capital companies. Private Equity (PE) is focused on existing companies that need money to invest or grow. Venture Capital (VC) is focused on start-up companies.

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms as investors

With the help of Private Equity and Venture Capital, (higher) investments become possible and growth can be accelerated. The goal is to create more value than is possible standalone. In exchange, the investors demand a return that is appropriate to the risk. Higher therefore than the interest on loans.

Is Private Equity and Venture Capital an option for you?

An important difference with loans is that PE/VC companies get more or less control within the company. Aeternus can answer the question whether this adds value for the company and suits you as an entrepreneur. Thanks to our own PE/VC database, we can quickly and effectively select the right party or parties that fit your company, you as an entrepreneur and the current financing needs.

Attracting venture capital requires specialist knowledge and an extensive network. We will be happy to put these to work for you and remain your navigator through the process until the definitive agreement has been signed.

Database Private Equity and Venture Capital firms

Aeternus knows all PE/VC firms in the Netherlands and has recorded this knowledge in a database, which includes for each PE/VC:

  • the minimum and maximum investment volume per participation
  • the sectors invested in
  • investment stage (type of fund VC or PE)
  • majority or minority shareholding
  • investment region
  • short and/or long-term investors

In addition, Aeternus has an extensive database of foreign, often specialized funds and, through its partners in M&A Worldwide, access to international PE/VC firms. This enables effective selection of appropriate PE/VC firms.

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