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Industry report Food as a Defensive Sector

The M&A WORLDWIDE Agri, Food & Beverages Industry Group launched an Industry Report on the Agrifood Industry

In current global inflation trends, the Food Industry has remained very attractive for PE investors related to:

  • Non-cyclic sector sustained by consumption
  • Premiumization of global brands to develop sales in value, despite volume stagnation
  • Raise local operators with Valued brands to balance price increases and lack of raw materials/ energy price increases
  • Innovation, driven by:
    • VEGAN consumers seeking meat alternatives and change in daily consumption habits
    • Industrial strategy to produce any products requested by a consumer segment,
      i.e. a Chicken Nuggets producer has developed vegan nuggets with vegetable protein in Germany.

Interested in the trends and developments in the food sector as a defensive sector? Download the report now.

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