International M&A

Acquiring or selling a business internationally

A successful business. It forces entrepreneurs to continuously make the right choices. The stakes are high. Selling your company to an international buyer or buying a company abroad is such an important choice. As an entrepreneur, you want to make the right decision when it comes to this.

International acquisitions account for an increasing share of M&A transactions. In recent years, the international M&A market has also experienced a strong upward trend.

An answer to your questions

The road to international success

Why should you consider selling your business to an international buyer? Do you limit your search for potential buyers to the Dutch market or is it better to take an international approach to the sales process?

What are the differences between (inter)national buyers

In a foreign transaction, entrepreneurs are usually paid between 15% and 50% more than in a domestic transaction. Want to know more about the history, trends and figures of recent international mergers and acquisitions?

International growth: stand-alone or through acquisitions?

Of course, you can always start your own business abroad, but isn't it better to buy a company abroad? After all, starting too small abroad in a rapidly developing market may not be the best choice.

Recent done deals

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Thorough preparation when buying/selling a business

When selling your business or buying a business, preparation is essential. As an entrepreneur, you want to know exactly where you stand and leave nothing to chance. We prepare and determine the best strategy for carrying out or working towards a successful buying and selling process. With our specialist knowledge, systems, extensive experience and large international network, we map out all opportunities and risks. With the right tactics, we go for the best result. For you as an entrepreneur and the company.

Correct steps in the acquisition and sales process

Successful deals. That is what drives us. We ensure an optimal buying and selling process. We also distinguish ourselves in the execution by thinking strategically about the process and doing the right things at the right time, planning carefully and making the best choices. Our experienced specialists are on equal footing with entrepreneurs and know your market like no other, also internationally. We will be pleased to guide you in advance through the steps that need to be taken in a buying and selling process.

Aeternus. Your M&A strategist.

Proven track record

With a team of 45 specialists, Aeternus has completed more than 800 acquisition deals in the past 18 years, both nationally and internationally.

Industry knowledge

At Aeternus, we work with specialized industry teams who are aware of key developments, multiples, recent deals and active buyers and sellers within your industry.

Strong international network

To guide transactions internationally, we are members of IPG and Aeternus has access to +400 M&A professionals in +35 countries through the 35 partners at M&A Worldwide.

Case Studies

Acquisition by Stantec gives AGEL Advisors wings

With the takeover by Stantec, AGEL can take the next step in the development of the company. Want to know how Aeternus found the right buyer for AGEL Advisors?

Higher sales price for software company realised

Are we going to sell or not? What if we say no? And how much is the company actually worth? In the end, Aeternus raised the selling price of the software company substantially.


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