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Developments in the IT industry

The information technology sector continues to be a key source of M&A mega deals, with Microsoft’s acquisition of Linkedin ($26bn) and Alcatel’s of Nokia ($18bn) underlining this in recent months.

Significant deal flow also continues to be observed at the small cap level where the pursuit of scale, disruptive innovation and the pace of market advancement remain key drivers of M&A activity.

For many years, M&A Worldwide (M&A WW) been an active player in the field of IT small-mid cap M&A globally.

With over 50 mandates in the IT sector currently in progress, M&A WW’s dedicated experts have extensive access to the global market.

The depth of our sector knowledge and our access to an extensive global network leaves M&A WW ideally placed to support our clients’ M&A activities and to help accelerate their corporate success. M&A WW’s IT specialists are spread around the globe and are ready to support you in your cross border projects.

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