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QualiTest on becoming the world’s second largest pure playsoftware testingandqualityassurancespecialist

QualiTest is a pure play software testing specialist. It was founded in Israel 20 years ago, by myself and my partner Eli Margolin. We started as a small consultancy firm serving only Israeli clients. Through the years, we managed to achieve double digit growth every year to build the company to its current size and become the 2nd largest software testing focused company in the world. Currently, we produce revenues over $120 million, representing over 30% growth in 2017 compared to 2016. The fact that we focus on software testing as a pure play specialist really differentiates us and makes us do testing better than the others, because we focus on that specific niche.

Expert’s corner; Global Media Trends until 2022

By Bernard Lechat, Partner and Information Technology Team Leader & Sawsen El Khyari, Analyst, MBA Capital

Vertical Market Softwares refer to products developed and customized for a niche industry, application or for the use of a unique clientele. In this, it is different from horizontal market softwares, that on the contrary, can serve a wide range of industries.

Vertical market softwares provide customers with better tailored solutions that could potentially help them grow and establish their market share. Point-of-sale software and applications for scientific analysis, medical needs and manufacturing are common examples of vertical market softwares.

Vertical market softwares helps better addressing industry specific by getting a better integration of different functionalities and processes. The vertical market software functions as a strategic partner for improving management and a better use of the resources involved.

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